Lil Nas X Makes His NYFW Debut with Coach

Rapper Lil Nas X walks in his first runway show for Coach’s Spring 2023 Collection.

Coach aimed for romance and an ode to historic New York pierres through a choreographed opening to its New York Fashion week 2023 show. It featured low lighting, sepia tones, cricket-chirping background sounds and interpretive movement. The opening featured various models doing different tasks, one playing a guitar another walking a dog across the runway, completing the urban ambiance. The collection by Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers, is a reflection on the brand’s American heritage coupled with the idea of circularity and fluidity in today’s fashion landscape, 

“With Spring, I wanted to evolve notions of luxury that place an emphasis on perfection,” said Vevers. “Inspired by the next generation’s fluid approach to fashion, the collection celebrates pieces that become more beautiful the more they are worn and loved, and references to the past rediscovered in the present.”

 The collection featured distressed denim workwear in the form of jackets, oversized jeans, and shoulder bags. Also shown were one-of-a-kind bags and jackets fashioned from repurposed leather and football leather. Coach’s Spring 2023 references past collections by showing two gingham collared dresses alongside the new leather and denim dominant collection. They are styled with sneakers and the new messenger bag for a sportier effect.

Fluidity is achieved through the concept of the jelly as a gender-neutral shoe after all, why shouldn’t men incorporate a few sparkles into their footwear? Most notably Lil Nas X made his runway debut with Coach’s Spring 2023 collection “It was such a fun experience being part of the Coach show and walking on my first runway ever,” Nas X closed the show wearing black leather shorts with buckles on the hem, matching leather vest and purple sparkling jellies topped off with a jelly gold-glitter Tabby bag.

The runway show was a strong entrance for the rapper into high fashion. Lil Nas X will be featured in Coach’s upcoming campaign dropping next month and has joined the fashion house as a global brand ambassador in the spirit of courageous self-expression. 

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