Making a surprise appearance at the Coach Foundation’s annual “Dream Day,” the multi-platinum artist and Coach global brand ambassador Lil Nas X joined Dream It Real scholars for a day of mentorship, networking and professional development. Dream It Real, launched in 2018, fosters opportunities and empowers underrepresented youth to achieve their dreams by removing barriers and providing support.

Courtesy of Coach

“Always stand beside yourself,” Lil Nas X told the students. “You are going to be the main person you can count on when you’re chasing your dream. The main person that you have to believe in. Always move forward and stand on your own path.” 

Lil Nas X surprised several students with a styling session with stylist, Matthew Mazur, where they collaborated to put together confident, career-ready looks with Coach pieces from its Dream It Real Closets.

Courtesy of Coach

Dream It Real supports students holistically in their pursuit of dreams through scholarships, mentorship, and professional opportunities. At Dream Day, executives lead “Real Talks” discussing career journeys, branding, and digital marketing.

The Coach Foundation’s Dream It Real initiative has surpassed its goal of providing 5,000 scholarships to students by 2025. Since its launch, Dream It Real has reached over 150,000 young individuals from underrepresented communities globally, offering valuable resources through its programs.

“Our goal is to create a more impactful future for this generation and those to come,” said Coach CEO and Brand President, Todd Kahn. “It is wonderful to have a brand ambassador, Lil Nas X, that embodies our purpose and breaks down barriers, helping us to encourage everyone to have the courage to be themselves through self-expression. I am consistently amazed by students and young professionals who have the courage to Dream It Real every day and the drive to make those dreams a reality, and that is what Dream Day is all about.”

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