Lil Peep’s Mother Announces New Album

Lil Peep’s upcoming album is the latest in a string of posthumous releases.

From Whitney to Prince, we’re living in an era of posthumous releases. Eighties’ legends aren’t the only ones joining in, though. The mother of the late rapper, singer and songwriter Lil Peep, took to her son’s official Instagram page to announce that a new album with unreleased music will be coming out. In the post, his mother asked “Who wants a new album with amazing unreleased Lil Peep music put together by Gus’s mom and the songs’s original collaborators?” Underneath, his mother signed “Liza,” and completed the post by captioning “Yep.” This album is going to be much awaited by his continued loyal following. 

The rapper died at the age of 21 in November of 2017 from an accidental overdose. Since his death, the rapper has had one posthumous album released, Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2, which made its way to number 4 on Billboard 200. Earlier this year, new tracks were released from Lil Peep, which also rose quickly on the charts. His fan base proves his cultural relevance even after his passing.

Announcements on when the album is expected to drop have yet to be made. Members of his excited following, however, are keeping their eyes peeled for this now hotly anticipated album. 

Check out the Instagram post below.

Image via Instagram/@lilpeep


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