Lilliya Scarlett Reid on Chambers, Painting, and Google Searches

Meet Lilliya Scarlett Reid, the quirky, spirited actress who you can’t help but like.

“Someone looking at my Google search history would probably be freaked out, like, ‘This girl has issues,’” says Lilliya Scarlett Reid with a laugh. Reid, 18, is talking about painting, which she has done for as long as she can remember. “I’ll look at surgical pictures or photos from autopsies for reference. I’ll have those images in my head, and that’s what I’ll paint.”

Reid’s burgeoning acting career takes on similar tones. Her first major part was on Chambers, a Twin-Peaks-meets-Supernatural bonechiller that debuted on Netflix in late April. Reid plays the spectral role of the late Becky LeFevre, a high achiever whose seemingly charmed life comes to an untimely, mysterious end. As Becky’s organ-donated heart wreaks uncanny havoc on its recipient, the cracks in her family (mom Uma Thurman, dad Tony Goldwyn, and twin brother, played by Nicholas Galitzine) emerge.

“It was [a] really interesting [role] to play; we’re close in age, but [unlike Becky] I wasn’t a normal teenager at all, because I did homeschool,” Reid says. “I had to put myself into the shoes of this girl who was amazing at everything; that was her thing. But then she also had all this secret damage, and a secret life. She was being tormented.”

The daughter of two writers, Reid moved from Livingston, Montana to L.A. when her father landed a showrunning job. There Reid began going out on auditions to act, but hindered by her height, she found little success at first. “I’m 5-foot-11 so I’ve always been taller than the age I would be playing. It was really frustrating,” Reid says. Of course, it’s that outlier trait that has since landed her a Versus Versace campaign and the holy grail of a modeling track: the music video cameo. In 2018, Shawn Mendes enlisted her to put her hands all over him for his “Nervous” video.

These days Reid is continuing to go on auditions, and simultaneously focusing on her painting career. But a dive into her artistic oeuvre, which conjures the impressionistic gore of Francis Bacon or Goya, suggests a possible backup career. “I’m very into oral hygiene,” she says. “I used to [only paint] teeth. I just love them.” However idiosyncratic, Reid’s interest in dental care seems rooted in the soul-bearing work of acting after all: “It’s the only part of your skeleton that is exposed,” she adds with a smile.

Lilliya Scarlett Reid
Lilliya wears coat Boss, necklace Cartier, earrings her own.


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