If you ask musician Lilyisthatyou what type of fruit she would be, she responds she’d be a peach–soft on the outside, but with a pit (representative of past experiences she’s still working through). And this ethos pretty much sums up the artist who is both delectably sweet and undeniably charismatic. It is an essence that resonates throughout her work, where the musician candidly shares both her good and bad life experiences, but is especially evident on her debut EP, The Character, out today via Warner Records. Here, she sings about battling one’s own demons, addressing climate change, and the absurd standards placed on women. 

​​“In my world, I want to play as many characters as I can and explore all the possibilities of my music sonically, conceptually, and visually,” she says. “I want to take control and relish what it means to be an artist of this generation. I want to help my fans live and deeply express themselves through all the pain and pleasure that is now.” 

To celebrate the release of her EP, the Toronto-born musician also released an accompanying visual for her song “Bad Energy.” And with it you can expect glitter-induced raves, bowls of cigarette cereal, and everything in between. Shot in various styles–fisheye, DSLR and film cameras–the mixed media format reflects how the universe’s energy comes in different forms. Featuring hypnotic visuals and transfixing production, “Bad Energy” doesn’t disappoint. And in characteristic Lilyisthatyou fashion, the song is a declaration for being unabashedly yourself and eliminating the white noise. 

“To me, ‘Bad Energy’ is manipulation, insecurity, jealousy, or anger,” she shares with V. “Sometimes we direct it at ourselves, sometimes it’s projected onto us from others, sometimes we’re the dick projecting it onto someone else. My goal for this video is to remind you that you are the superhero in control of your energy, so kill it.” 

In the video, the singer is seen dancing the night away, exploring her hometown, and riding roller coasters. This scene at the amusement park holds personal significance for the singer as it’s a place she would go every summer with sister. The pair would ride the Scrambler as “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson played on the loudspeakers. In another scene, Lily is driving through downtown Toronto while singing the song’s catchy hook, “Love to all my enemies.” 

“While this song is a message of positivity it is also one of gratitude,” she explains. “It’s easy to let things get in the way of my happiness, but when I look at what I have–such as a good mind, great friends, and enough money to go out on the weekend…thinking of the silly simple things reminds me there is so much to be grateful for in this life.”

And Lily takes her art very seriously, masterfully curating every aspect of the creative down to the fashion. She shares that “Bad Energy” was the first video that she styled on her own–for the rave sequence, she even did everyone’s makeup, putting glitter on everyone’s faces as she told them about the song and its significance for her. 

“At the end of the day I hope this video makes people feel good and reminds them to take the energy they feel into their own hands,” she concludes. 

You can stream the debut EP on all major platforms and watch the official video below. 

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