Lion Babe Announces “Around The World, At Home” Virtual Global Tour

The empowered vocal duo is taking their concert series to Instagram Live.

New York-based R&B duo LION BABE are partnering with various venues and promoters across the globe to bring a live, virtual concert experience while stay-at-home orders remain in effect. At no cost, fans will be able to stream the performance on their local venues’ Instagram page and enjoy an opening serenade by the Danish singer-songwriter Kwamie Liv. As part of the digitized concert, commemorative merchandise, exclusive sneak peaks at new music, and a virtual meet-and-greet ensure that the online performance will be an unforgettable, personalized experience. 

Since you won’t be able to take your significant other to the physical concert halls any time soon, this one-of-a-kind opportunity should certainly be a stop on your virtual dating adventures. “Incorporating the element of virtual dating to bring fans closer together to share a unique moment creates memories for people to talk about,” explains LION BABE’s manager le’Roy Benros. “During these interesting times, we felt it was more important now than ever to give fans from around the world an intimate, localized experience.”

Earlier this week, the performance duo debuted an encore music video for “Into Me,” a powerhouse track off the duo’s 2019 album Cosmic Wind. Reflecting the album’s aura and celebrating the one year anniversary since its release, the video showcases fans dancing along to the track in the spirit of at-home celebration. A prelude to the two-person performing group’s online tour, the music video emphasizes LION BABE’s devoted appreciation and affection for their fans. 

“We wanted to capture our beautiful fans and supporters of our music for this song,” says Lion Babe. “One of the highlights about being in a band is connecting to our audience. This visual is for them. We hope we can all be together again soon.”

Take a look at LION BABE’s virtual tour poster below for specific tour dates and head to their website to RSVP. In the meantime, watch the duo’s newly released music video for “Into Me,” here.

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