Lipstick on Film: 7 Shades to Inspire

Beauty inspiration can come from anywhere!

The inspiration for your next beauty look can come from many a source. Whether you find your muse in an outlandish rockstar, or via members of an underground subculture,  are the perfect place to start. There are also iconic movie characters—specifically heroines—we paired our favorite lipsticks with iconic movie heroines.

Apollonia, The Godfather (Simonetta Stefanelli)

Under the golden hour heat in Sicily, Michael Corleon courts Apollonia with the sounds of Nino Rota strings wavering in the background. A sheer, soft coral lip in Yves Laurent Corail Spontini ($38 available at YSL Beauty) softens her piercing gaze.


Suzie, Wild Things (Neve Campbell)

Who could ever forget the iconic makeout scene between Neve Campbell and Denise Richards? If we were to give Neve’s dark plum lips a 2020 update, it would be with Gucci’s 700 Crystal Black in Satin ($38 available at Gucci).


Hatsumomo, Memoirs of a Geisha (Gong Li)

The scene where mamasan discovers Hatsumomo was hiding Koichi, her lover for teté a teté in the shed, we see the stark sadness of a geisha. Forbidden to ever fall in love. Vulnerable and Forbidden in Tom Ford ($55 available at Tom Ford Beauty).


Alice, Eyes Wide Shut (Nicole Kidman)

The scene when the married couple gets stoned to loosen up before sex, Nicole Kidman’s character unravels into a frustrated NYC housewife revealing fantasies of having sex with strangers to her husband. Triggering drama, tension deception, and danger, we’re taken on an erotic adventure ($26 available at NARS) with cool undertones that blur the typical lipstick line between reality and fantasy.


Kathryn, Cruel Intentions (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

If a dark plum in Guerlain’s Rouge de Guerlain No. 555 ($33 available at Sephora) went up a hundred notches of evil, it could get to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s level in Cruel Intentions. Ruthless with a smirk in a mental collage of chaos.


Lux Lisbon, Virgin Suicides (Kirsten Dunst)

Repressed teenage angst glazed in sheer pink by Dior Lip Glow  ($34 available at Dior) where secrets amongst the Lisbon sisters are told by the neighborhood boys. An innocent crush for the high school jock crashes into promiscuity and senseless death.


Selena, Selena (Jennifer Lopez)

America became Obsessed! ($40 available at Pat McGrath) with Jennifer Lopez when she debuted as Selena on the big screen. Celebrating curves and serving us voluptuous matte red lips with scenes singing “I can fall in love with you” and the summer classic “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”


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