Listen to Lido’s New Sophomore Album, Peder

VMAN learns more Lido, his album, and his solo musical career.

Multitalented music producer and recording artist, Lido has exciting news — releasing his sophomore album, today, the self-titled project, PEDER.

After recently working with JoJo on her new album, Good To Know, producing 6 tracks on Halsey’s Manic, and collaborating with artists, Chance The Rapper, Diplo, and Jaden Smith, Lido has certainly developed his own unique sound. Ready to share his voice and project with the world, the tracklist includes 12 songs, with surprise features from Heavy Mellow, Brando Arreaga, Col3trane, Santell, Mulherin, and even — JoJo. With all of his accolades thus far, there is excitement in learning more about Lido as a solo artist.

For him, the goal of this album is simple. Hoping that listers feel just a bit more relaxed and comfortable once hearing his music. He says, “If they [listners] feel a bit more relaxed or comforted or at ease with their day I’m happy cause the intention behind it was to make people feel good,” he continues, “I tried to make music that felt naive and pure and without boundaries so I hope people will enjoy the experience and maybe even a brief escape.”

Seen slightly in the pre-released track, “Rise” and the accompanying music video, the inspiration seemed to loosely involve space… Lido clarifying that was indeed the main theme. He explains, “I was inspired by ‘The little prince’ to follow the story of a boy who lives on a spaceship where there is no music. He one day discovers a pirate radio station and falls in love with music.” And while the album isn’t just about the boy, it helped guide Lido. He added, “This is kind of the album I imagine he would make.

Lido welcomes listeners to the album with his voice on, “Yellow Bike,” which floats over the whimsical synths and bright beats. He sings, “Good Morning / I’m giving you all of my love today…” From there, his inspiration is felt. Flowing into “Rise,” and the third track, “Please Fasten Your Seatbelt.” From there, Lido takes listeners on a pure musical journey.

Listen to PEDER, down below. Watch Lido’s music videos and shop merch, by clicking here.

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