In coordinating colors, a new nine-scent collection by Loewe highlights the core elements of nature with each fragrance reflecting the uniqueness of the shade. Greta Lee, Úrsula Corberó, and Brand Ambassador Stéphane Bak are shot in sensual and romantic shots by Tyler Mitchell.

In a contrast between femininity and masculinity, the campaign ranges between sensual and bold, not leaving a single emotion untouched. Detailed with botanical elements of all kinds, the stars are complemented by floral touches and weaving leaves.

The Loewe campaign is arranged in the style of Japanese ikebana, “giving life to flowers” in the true vibrant essence of the collection. The talents demonstrate the full kaleidoscope of feelings, giving each colorful shade a tangible emotion.

The artisanship at the heart of Loewe is made clear in the way each scent bottle interacts with the raw nature of its inspiration. In-house perfumier Nuria
Cruelles brings the Loewe Accord to life by unifying the Botanical Rainbow under Loewe’s core values of high-end craftsmanship and flowing creativity to the forefront of the brand. The Accord is inspired by the Rockrose wildflower, rooted in Spain’s most rural areas. ” It is a raw, ambery, woody and rich scent that captures
a feeling of LOEWE’s geographic home and vibrant spirit, grounded in nature.” in Loewe’s description of the collection.

All scents are encased in a block-shaped bottle design by Jonathan
Anderson. The encapsulation of the human experience and the fragrances compliment each other in capturing a myriad of moods. All of this highlights the beauty of nature and the sensuality that comes from within when embracing its strong presence.

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