Loewe offers a dip into rustic living with their 2023 Home Scent collection. The collection was built around the British plantsman and collector Charlie McCormick, and his love of botany. McCormick is the quintessential outdoorsman but boasts more than just a knowledge of all things plants. The acclaimed planter has designed artistically complex gardenscapes of tulips and dahlias and has cultivated impressive fruits and vegetables for shows and competitions. He truly values gardening as both a way of sustainable living and a creative experience. 

Courtesy of Loewe

The campaign was shot by Walter Pfeiffer and takes place in McCormick’s garden in West Dorset. Pfeiffer, with his unique and unfiltered lens, perfectly captures a raw and intimate picture of Loewe’s new campaign. McCormick is truly the inspiration behind this shoot from the setting all the way down to color choice, as each decision is made with McCormick’s rugged yet sweet-natured persona in mind.

The release comes with three delicious new scents: Orange Blossom, Thyme, and Geranium. Orange blossom is layered in complex notes of honey with mainly floral composition. The scent is not only available in three sizes but can also be found in a Wax Scented Card Holder, and a room spray. The scents are not only pleasing to the senses but functional. Thyme and Geranium, available as Outdoor Candles, double their efforts as both a candle and a mosquito repellant. Built with a broad surface area and four sturdy wicks, this design is meant to endure the elements and last through the summer. All of these candles not only smell divine, but their beautifully designed containers double as decor. Orange Blossom candles come in vibrant orange finish, and the Thyme and Geranium scents are encased in brown and turquoise ceramic holders, elevating any space and delighting the senses.

Courtesy of Loewe

Complimenting the floral and bright ‘Home Scents’ range, curated by Creative Director Jonathan Anderson with the help of in-house perfumier, Nuria Cruelles, the collaboration brings the spirituality and pureness of nature to any home setting.

The collection is now available on perfumesloewe.com 

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