Loewe Perfumes Hosts Intimate Dinner Party Celebrating Their Official Debut In NYC

For its grand reveal, Loewe perfume hosted an intimate dinner in the heart of the city.

On October 24th, the perfume branch of renowned fashion house Loewe spearheaded its official debut in the American market, launching a store in New York’s Bergdorf Goodman. For its grand reveal, Loewe perfume hosted an intimate dinner in the city’s heart at the celebrated Stephan Weiss Studio. Special attendees included Jonathan Anderson, Jeanne Cadieu, Derek Blasberg, Evan Ross, Luca Fersko, Deon Hinton, Amanda Murray, and more.

Capturing the house’s creative fusion of craft and nature, the store conjures up an innovative and immersive scent experience while expressing the brand’s colorful retail concept: a nature-inspired botanical archive that showcases the full collection of Loewe Botanical Rainbow fragrances and the Loewe Home Scents range.

The Loewe Botanical Rainbow is a vibrant collection of fragrances encompassing a myriad of emotions, moods, and attitudes, as well as masculine, feminine and universal scents. Each perfume is inspired by an element or phenomenon found in nature, which is also reflected in the color of its bottle—a distinctive block-shaped design originated by Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson. This October, the brand also celebrates the addition of a 10th fragrance family to the collection, Loewe Earth.

The Loewe Home Scents collection is a range of 10 fragrances, each crafted as an authentic olfactory portrait of a single plant, flower, or herb—Honeysuckle, Ivy, Tomato Leaves, Cypress Balls, Liquorice, Beetroot, Juniper Berry, Oregano, Luscious Pea, and Coriander. Available as scented candles in three sizes, room Sprays, room diffuser sets, and sculptural wax-scented candleholders.

Anaa Saber, Alexander Roth
Derek Blasberg, Jeanne Cadieu, Jonathan Anderson
Alexander Roth, Isabelle Chaput, Nelson Tiberghien
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