Loewe Throws a Disco Party For Summer/Spring 2022

The new collection features bright colors, bold shapes, and includes two art books by David Sims and Florian Krewer.

Loewe wants life to feel like a party again with Summer/Spring 2022. The concepts behind the lively menswear collection were laid out by creative director Jonathan Anderson, who explained some of his inspirations in a short video directed by Stephen Isaac Wilson.

“The mood of the collection for this season is kind of based on this idea of awkward beauty and how we’re in the ‘optimism stage,’” Anderson explains in the video – in which he’s featured as a blue-tone projection. “This season is more about the action; the action of going out, the action of having fun.”

Via Loewe.

Some of the main influences for this collection were the energy and freedom of club culture, with all its colors, glitter, and glamor. One aspect that is emphasized in the lineup is the fluidity of the designs, which, despite being presented as part of a “men’s” collection, aren’t exactly meant for one specific gender. 

Soft designs are made of traditional, soft fabrics such as cotton, while in others Anderson experimented with different materials – including cactus leather (favored because it “picks color” and has “good movement”) and hardware embedded into some pieces.

Via Loewe.

The palette is an explosion of bright colors, some featured in neon tones, like pink, yellow, orange, blue, and green. Other pieces come in silver, golden, black, and earthy tones, which creates a welcome balance when structuring the looks. 

Dynamic designs further enhance the idea of “action,” with examples like the flowy long-sleeve tunic with a sheer front and pants with light pieces of fabric attached to the sides. Structured pants intricately made of ropes also add movement to the collection. 

Via Loewe.

Some pieces feature symmetrical draped details, present in dresses, coats, and the multi-color boots. Fun patterns that play with different shapes and stripes, along with t-shirts featuring poodle illustrations also add to the joyful lineup. 

The Puzzle bag now comes in a softer “hobo” shape in various colors and sizes; the Elephant Basket is embellished with colorful metallic fringes (also featured in a vest and shorts ensemble and matching shoes), giving it almost a carnival air. Bold accessories include thick, round sunglasses in bright pink, yellow, and green.  “Something I want to see in a club,” Anderson describes. 

Via Loewe.

The collection also features two art books by the photographer David Sims – who also shot the looks – and by German artist Florian Krewer. The first book features a series of images “inspired by the hedonism of rave culture and its nightlife,” with abstract photographs and collages. The second book was also inspired by the collection’s club theme and features a set of paintings, drawings, and rare photos. 

Via Loewe.

Learn more about the collection on Loewe.com. Watch the full Spring/Summer 2022 video below:

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