LOEWE Woven Basket Handbags Get a Sustainable Update

The iconic basket silhouette remains, this time made from surplus leather.

Spanish fashion house LOEWE’s leather accessories have always been playful and inventive, from handbags with sculptural silhouettes to keychains shaped like various animals. As part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to become more sustainable, a new range called The Surplus Project repurposes leftover leather to create intricately crafted, artisanal handbags.

The Woven handbag has been an especially beloved item since it debuted in 2015, and its silhouette remains much the same in the new sustainable update. To create the bag’s signature lattice pattern, thin strips of leather are woven into one cohesive product. The handbags feature calfskin handles, and an embossed LOEWE anagram is the finishing touch. LOEWE maintains its refreshing focus on human craftsmanship and artistry in the creation of these bags, acknowledging the skill and care embedded in every stitch.

By using leather strips in various colors, as well as leather in both smooth and soft-grained calfskin, The Surplus Project creates bags with texture and depth. The bags are available in several color schemes, with some riffing on greens and blues and others combining more neutral tones of brown and tan. Each one is rich in character and results in an alluring mosaic effect. The bag combining Soft Apricot and Crystal Blue shades has a muted rainbow color scheme perfect for transitioning into a summertime palette. These are statement bags – the kind that garner compliments from the moment you step out the door.

The Surplus Project collection includes two-tone leather Crab charms, also made from folded surplus leather, which echo and augment the colors featured in the bags. Building on the efforts of the Eye/LOEWE/Nature campaign, which worked with recycled textiles, The Surplus Project marks another advancement for LOEWE towards a sustainable future. Designing environmentally thoughtful accessories takes effort and care, but LOEWE demonstrates that it can also be fun and full of creative potential. Shop The Surplus Project on the LOEWE website here.

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