Lolo Zouaï’s Summers in Vegas Shows a Different Side to Sin City

Lolo Zouaï is V’s summer crush.

Lolo Zouaï’s new music video for “Summers in Vegas” is reminiscent of one very specific thing: the summer-time moodboards—on Pinterest, Tumblr, literal cardboard—that teens compile with vigor, predominantly during bleak winter months. Northerners know.

The video is the literary foil to the track itself. “Summers in Vegas,” the ninth track from the R&B singer’s inaugural album, High Highs to Low Lows, is brooding and ominous, whereas the video is free-spirited, youthful, whimsical even.

The video follows Zouaï on her innocent escapades throughout Sin City, taking her everywhere from the casino to motel parking lots, a stark contrast of the rich and exorbitant with the modest and ordinary. The songstress, clad in a bedazzled, furry bucket hat, naively sips on a chocolate milkshake in a pinked-out diner while singing about Mexican coke. The home-film style music video is a girlish visualization of ZouGetaï’s lovesick musings.

Zouaï’s lyrics about her potentially unrequited love place her alongside countless other singers, but the execution of those verses put her among the likes of Banks and Lorde. Her vocals are like silk and pretty much as arresting as it gets. Milk-and-honey harmonies add depth to the track, while light, atmospheric instrumentation provides a supple foundation for the song without taking anything away from the singer’s voice.

In addition to the honest, almost escapist theme of the video, the visuals instill a sense of nostalgia. Remember those aforementioned mood boards? Think vintage desert vibes. Soft hues, camcorders, headscarves, old convertible cars, palm trees, big sunglasses, and muted, adobe-style, cookie-cutter houses.

As far as filming goes, this wasn’t Zouaï’s first rodeo. The singer-songwriter was featured in Coach’s recently released Fall 2019 campaign, Dream it Real. However, Zouaï did more than star in her “Summers in Vegas” music video. She directed and edited it, too. The multi-talented artist certainly has more than one creative outlet, but her music, of course, reigns supreme.

Consider jet setting on a last-minute vacay to see Zouaï on her upcoming EU tour or, at the very least, watch her live out the summer of your dreams in the “Summers in Vegas” music video, below.

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