Lorde’s New Single “Solar Power” Strikes A Different Tone

Dissecting and discussing the artist’s new single and what her fans are looking for from the upcoming album.

Lorde’s new single Solar Power was released on all streaming platforms June 10. After a premature release leak online earlier that day, the single was officially released to coincide with the solar eclipse. 

With the release of her new single and music video, the singer also confirmed in a newsletter to fans the release of her new album, also titled “Solar Power”.

After many looped listens of “Solar Power”, I couldn’t help but notice the difference in tone compared to her former tracks. As a self-proclaimed die-hard fan of Lorde, I’ve spent the last three years replaying Melodrama and Pure Heroine, anxiously awaiting for the day Lorde released new music. 

I love Lorde for her sad dream-pop ballads that strike a deep emotional chord, and, to be fully transparent, initially I was skeptical about her change in sound. However, I think “Solar Power” — especially the release coinciding with the solar eclipse on June 10 — signifies a fresh start and rebirth for the artist. This is particularly evident in her lyrics: “Forget all of thе tears that you’ve cried/It’s ovеr (Over, over, over, over)/It’s a new state of mind…”.

Lorde in her music video for “Solar Power,” directed by Joel Kefali and Ella Yelich-O’Connor.

I was curious to see the reaction to Lorde’s new single, so I asked fellow fans what they thought about “Solar Power”; what they’re expecting from this new album; and what they think this new sound means for her upcoming album. 

“This is Lorde’s happy girl era, and I’m not upset about it at all,” fan Michael Izquierdo, 21, said. “Originally on first listen, I had a difficult time separating myself from the old, melodramatic sad girl tunes we’re accustomed with to this new sitting on Santa Monica Beach and sipping my piña colada vibes. But after ten straight listens, I already know half of the lyrics and am planning my trip to California for the summer.” 

 “It’s feel-good music and what everybody needs right now. Every album Lorde puts out is exactly what humanity needs at the right time, and I think that the shift in this sound is really important,” fan Paulina Valenzuela, 21, said. “This is Lorde stepping out of the moon and into the fucking sun, if that makes sense. Not that there’s anything wrong with the moon because we love the fucking moon, but this is her coming into the light and bringing all of us with her.”

 I love that she was creating this summer sound for hot girl summer, and I love this singer-songwriter acoustic vibe that she hasn’t given off before,” musician and fan Arly Scott, 21, said. “I think it’s older and shows her maturity since she put out Pure Heroine and Melodrama when she was a lot younger.”

To me, the release of “Solar Power” feels like finally reaching clarity after a break-up, recognizing personal growth and letting past worries and woes go. 

“Solar Power” seems to take on a lighter mood. Accompanied with a beach-set music video, this new single screams hot girl summer. It’s perfect for blasting in the car with your friends on the way to the beach or on a summer road trip. 




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