Loro Piana Collaborates with Hiroshi Fujiwara in Latest Capsule Collection

Known from Tokyo to New York, Hiroshi Fujiwara brings his expertise to Loro Piana.

High-end Italian goods brand Loro Piana is collaborating with Japanese artist Hiroshi Fujiwara to create a genderless capsule collection that blends the classic elegance of Loro Piana with a chic and cool streetwear inspiration. Fujiwara’s style is layered throughout the collection, shown through minimalist luxury and clean-cut designs.

Using his own name for the first time in a collection, Hiroshi Fujiwara emphasized the concept of a gender-fluid collection through the means of luxury, wanting pieces in the collection to embody a “second-skin.” 

The color palette of the collections is a nod to Fujiwara’s signature colors of navy blue, black and white. The textiles and quality materials on the other hand, are akin to Loro Piana’s signature grade, including  Tasmanian Super 150’S Wool and Baby Cashmere.

Garments like knitwear stand out of the collection, taking form in solid colors or with chain-link designs bolstered across the chest in a Tsunaghi print, a Japanese symbol of happiness and interaction that also symbolizes precious bond, reminding us that together we’re stronger, while celebrating the joy of living together. 

Outerwear includes reversible silk bombers and long overcoats, merging a cozy aesthetic with a feeling of sophistication. Draping scarves and fitting beanies make up the accessories, providing a practicality aspect to the collection without lacking on quality and style. 

Another standout piece includes a graphic tee with an animal’s head on the front surrounded by shimmering stars, acknowledging Fujiwara’s craft as a streetwear guru. 

Overall, the collection as a whole provides types of garments that are functional, yet still play with the ideas of pristine quality and elegance. Whether they’re being dressed up or down, the looks within take two fine artists and blend them together to create an everlasting collection. 

The Loro Piana featuring Hiroshi Fujiwara collection is available to shop in Loro Piana boutiques and at Loropiana.com.

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