Loro Piana Takes Us To Italy With SS23 Collection

Loro Piana debuts timeless silhouettes inspired by Italian seasons.

Loro Piana is known for pieces and collections that don’t change because of trends. Everyone who wears them swears by the quality of the fabrics and the timelessness of their pieces.

Their spring-summer 2023 collection delivered more of their elevated, classic aesthetic but slightly changed to reflect the Italian cities, seasons, and regions that inspired this batch of looks.

Funny enough, this collection also proved, despite their desire to stay timeless, everything is trending this fashion season.


This season’s runway takes you along the Bel Paese: a path that starts at the dusk of winter to end at the peak of summer.

Along the Bel Paese, you go from Piedmont to the Aeolian Islands while touching Tuscany, Liguria, and Salento along the way.

Because of the change in seasons and geography the path takes you on, the looks on the runway reflect what you need to stay comfortable and stylish in each of these places.

One central component to all the pieces was an element of flowingness, reminiscent of the flow of travels, the winds of Italy, and the winding roads of the Bel Paese.

This flow is made tangible by the combination of textures such as cottons, cashmeres, and silks. In addition, linens were used as a dominant element in different weaves, from light gauges to tweed, either alone or mixed with cotton and wool.

These materials were combined with a pallet of earthy, natural tones. Highlighting the natural landscapes and beauty of Italy.


The collection is meant to be worn as soon as it hits stores, as they will gradually display the pieces intended to be worn in each temperature and season throughout the year.

Ultimately, getting lighter in color and fabric as summer approaches, with thicker, darker clothing ready to display in the colder months.

Loro Piana wanted the collection to be received this way to help inspire a feeling of genius loci that is both an appreciation of landscapes, an exploration of crafts, and a taste for multisensorial beauty embedded in the way things are made and the materials they are made of.

A feeling that is ripest when wearing the suitable fabrics for the season and feeling comfortable in the landscapes you are in.

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