Louis Vuitton 200: Louis Vuitton’s Bicentennial Birthday celebration comes with a video game

For Louis Vuitton’s 200 year birthday celebration, they have created an app where players can explore an LV world

Two hundred years after the iconic Louis Vuitton’s birthday, the bicentennial birthday will be celebrated globally in a series of creative initiatives that highlight the spirit of Louis.

Over the next few months, Louis 200 will evoke the life and legacy of Louis as an adventurer, entrepreneur, designer, and innovator across various forms of media and featuring collaborations from around the world. Not only will there be a video games embedded with NFTs, store windows that showcase the iconic trunk reimagined by 200 contributors, a large-scare triptych of Louis painted by Alex Katz, a novel by French writer Caroline Bongrand about Louis’ life, as well as a documentary about the young pioneer.

Louis, at the age of 14, left his family’s home in the Jura region of France and spent two years on foot before reaching Paris. In celebration of his 200 year anniversary, the Maison developed a platform game open to all with transgenerational appeal. 

In honor of the icon’s life, LOUIS THE GAME will go live on August 4 at 3 a.m. CET. Players can play as Vivienne, the Louis Vuitton mascot, combining advanced animation with centuries of heritage as anyone can travel through the action-packed six imaginary worlds. The main plot of the game is that Vivienne has to go to an important birthday party but has to collection as many candles as possible and there will also be 30 NFT tokens with 10 of them created by digital artist known as beeple. 

The app can be found through Apple and Google Play for Android systems and once it’s downloaded, the game will provide tips and information on how to play the game. Each of the 200 candles unlocks a postcard that reveals an anecdote or trivia regarding collaborations, special orders, runway highlights and more.

The game begins with Vivienne in the forest and players can travel through a luminous city, an adventurous kingdom, monogram island, sunshine metropolis, and birthday extravaganza. Each location is based off of Paris, Beijing, London, New York and more and players an experience gilding hills, buildings, and Vivienne changes color every time she picks up a new candle.

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