Louis Vuitton 2054 is a Look at the Future of Fashion

The key word for this collection is “adaptability”

In the year 2054, fashion will be about both form and function. At least, that’s the vision that Louis Vuitton is striving to embody in their second 2054 Collection. Part of Pre-Spring 2021, the men’s collection takes artistic director Virgil Abloh’s vision of functional fashion to the very next level. And then some.

This year’s garments keep the weather in mind, with professional skiwear that slowly starts morphing as the temperatures go down. The multi-zipped jackets allow the wearer to transform them into a variety of garments and create adaptability. 

The nylon fabrics allow for riffs on futuristic visions, with the different prints and color palettes evoking images such as night vision and heat vision. Iridescent fabric comes together with patterned solids in black, green, and silver.

LV implements their principle of “compressomorphosis” with one of their shirts, that self-compresses into a cross-body bag. Their ergonomic water-proof bags feature extendable and removable pockets. The line plays on the future of LV and fashion, as 2054 would mark 200 years of the fashion house’s existence.

The Louis Vuitton 2054 Collection is available for purchase on the LV website.



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