Louis Vuitton Designs Monogram Trunk Case for League Of Legends Championship

Savoir-faire meets cutting-edge technology in this one-of-a-kind collaboration.

In light of the League of Legends, World Championship Tournament—set to take place on November 10 in Paris, FR—Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquiere just crafted a custom monogram trunk for the World Championship trophy, that will be awarded to the winner. Last year’s championship (held in South Korea) drew in 99.6 million viewers, which is more viewership than BOTH royal weddings COMBINED.

But the trunk isn’t the only exciting piece of this unique collaboration. Ghesquiere has also designed skins for two of “True Damage” group members (past champions) Qiyana and Senna, that are actually shoppable for any player that fancies the designs (unfortunately, not available to purchase IRL. Can you imagine buying an LV “skin” ? ugh, the chic-ness.)

But for now, LoL’s 80 million+ monthly players can purchase the skins, for their own avatars, on the day of the championship! (Senna’s LV skin will be released at the beginning of next year) and capsule collections, designed by the iconic french brand, are also in the works.

“The cuts, the patterns, that was all brought to the table by Louis Vuitton,” League of Legends Art Director, Seth Haak, explained in a statement. “It was really a dream collaboration. Worst-case scenario, we just put the logo on them and it turns into a NASCAR-type deal. But they came to us, and the collaboration was really good.”

Get ready, players. LoL is about to get a whole lot more LUXE.

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