As the physical and digital worlds seemingly get less distinguishable each day, Louis Vuitton is spearheading the way through with the launch of VIA Treasure Trunks. The travel trunks are a newly digitized version of the iconic more-than-160-year-old Louis Vuitton Trunk, with which owners will have exclusive access to future digital drops.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Each VIA Treasure Trunk will cost €39,000 and will be available in a very limited and exclusive edition of a few hundred pieces. Described as weaving the digital and the physical into one material, the VIA Treasure Trunks will act as the doorway to a digital world, also called VIA, with limited digital designs, experiences, and collectibles released regularly throughout each year.

In the world of VIA, trunk owners will be able to purchase keys to digital collectibles, as well as an exclusive opportunity to purchase their physical counterparts. Trunk owners will also be able to explore clues for future drops, create connections, and share their collectibles within the community.

The VIA Treasure Trunks will be available June 8th and can on

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