Louis Vuitton Goes Full Maximalist For Spring/Summer 2022

At Paris Fashion Week, the label presented a runway mixing Rococo with rock and roll.

For spring/summer 2022, Louis Vuitton is bringing opulence and grandiose to le grand bal of Time.


At Paris Fashion Week, a Rococo runway lined with crystal chandeliers saw look after look strut down the runway to an intense orchestral audio; wide, exaggerated hip structures, draped fabrics glimmering under the light and an excess of luxury and sophistication builds up the repertoire of the season, fusing French maximalism with the timeless elegance of Louis Vuitton.



For this season, the word simple is not even in the vocabulary of the Maison. Minimalism is thrown out the window, instead replaced with boldness surpassing house codes, rebuilding a uniform into tasteful, beautiful garments, looks where every piece is the statement piece. Dark hues of black and navy strike a sharp contrast to pale whites and golds; the collection recalls royalty and Versailles, a Parisian hedonism and lust for life brought forth into the 21st century. 


Louis Vuitton outdoes itself with SS22 womenswear, swapping monograms and logos for a classic and timeless vision of the brand instead, clearly rooted in a French culture. Layering is key to the collection; blazers above dresses, tanks laid atop tanks, a wide silhouette ending in a midi-length, flowing hemline that just grazes the ankles. Feminine and masculine come into play with each other, seen by sharp shoulders and accentuated waistlines, dainty lace and thick velvet. 



Standout looks include a black cape coat with sheer sleeves and a detailed collar, a slim=fitting slip dress with white detailing and tulle layered atop jeans, a crisp blazer paired with a white cut-out skirt with black oversized ruffles and a lacy white and gold dress with structured hips. Louis Vuitton channels the classic and the divine, the maximalist and the eclectic. 


Fierce and feminine, Louis Vuitton’s vision is one of true timelessness—Rococo meets rock and roll, day merges into night, style takes cues from soul. 



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