Louis Vuitton has announced its newfound presence on Discord, an instant messaging platform, marking another milestone for the Maison’s ongoing commitment to create in the digital sphere. 

The legacy French fashion house aims to push the boundaries of digital craftsmanship by providing an immersive and interactive experience to its followers. The goal of this innovation is to further create a connection between the Maison and its community. The brand will offer privileged visibility to the new creations and will also allow behind-the-scenes insight for its followers. 

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Along with this announcement, Louis Vuitton has also announced a private channel dedicated to the VIA community. The channel will allow members to connect with the brand and take part in the creation of new ideas in an effort to expand their Web3 VIA journey. 

Their discord server can be found here for all things fashion, innovation, and digital craftsmanship.

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