Louis Vuitton Launches Radiant Summer 2021 Capsule Collection

Day to night looks get a healthy dose of summertime with Louis Vuitton’s latest capsule.

A dose of color, a breath of fresh air, a summer breeze cast in the sunrays against warm skin—Louis Vuitton’s Summer 2021 womenswear capsule collection embodies the dreamy effervescence of summertime, a whimsical, chic collection of vibrancy.


Bright and pastel hues coincide to paint a portrait of a Malibu sunrise, threaded with soft yellows across the Sunbathing collection, while deep, rich Riviera blues attach themselves to the Morning Swim pieces as reflections of regality and relaxation. 

A collection made for basking, the capsule is summertime embodied. Beachwear prints, gradient monograms and Damier motifs play with color and light, seamlessly transitioning day looks to night looks in the blink of an eye—sorbets to cocktails, parasol stripes to embossed leather, skin-tight bodysuits to ruffled cotton jersey tees, laced with vivid coral and muted blue.


Across the collection, Louis Vuitton plays with the buoyancy of summer and the detailed, crisp tailoring the House is known for, bringing all of the season’s joy and sweetness with LV’s signature sleek sophistication and grace. A sporty parka is detailed with gradient nylon, a sequined dress catches reflections of the sun, a multi-pocketed Papilon puts a seasonal twist on a beloved classic, brushing the skin and awakening the dreaminess of summer.

Collection highlights are dynamic beams of sunshine, blending the idyllic, lackadaisical nature of the season with the grace and elegance of Louis Vuitton. Silk twill pyjamas play with warm summer nights; a monogram button-down blouse in cream and taupe check is just as formal as it is flirty, a billowing silhouette adding an air of coolness; a knit bodysuit recalls retro beachwear in its cut, vintage in appearance. 


Dotted with accessories including a beach towel and sarong, sandals and sneakers, bobs, bag charms and small leather goods, the capsule collection is a day at the beach and a night by the pool, feet sunk into the sand as the tide washes in, the moon setting over the sea, reflected back to the world above. An endless summer.

Shop the Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 womenswear capsule collection in stores and online at LouisVuitton.com now.

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