Louis Vuitton Men’s Collection By Virgil Abloh Pre-Fall 2022 Changes Norms

Abloh designed a new type of dress code with this Pre-Fall 2022 Collection.

Blurring the lines between “formalwear,” “workwear,” and “streetwear,” Louis Vuitton Men’s Collection By Virgil Abloh Pre-Fall 2022 takes these codes and turns them into something new, creating a revamped dress code for the current and future generations. 

Abloh tended to immerse himself in the concepts of the pre-fall collections he designed,  providing hyper-specific attention to detail and highlighting the importance of a man’s wardrobe.

“What makes menswear? Boys do. I believe that building blocks stacked upon each other through our lives form the narrative of what defines menswear,” he said at the time of his first pre-collection. “My work today bears evidence of everything that happened to me in my past: how I was brought up, educated, and how I evolved.”

Completed before Abloh’s passing in November, Abloh wanted this Pre-Fall 2022 Collection to apply this philosophy in a new way. In doing so, various suits take new shapes and forms, whether it being unique cuts or lighter materials. For example, a wrap skirt replaces a waistcoat and instead of a blazer, a utility jacket takes its place.


A youthful summer-theme also takes form within the pieces of the collection, notable especially in sportswear silhouettes such as tracksuits in leather, and dress shirts in with pin-hook detailing. 

It’s not a collection designed by Abloh if it doesn’t feature some type of graphics. Graffiti imagery created by artist Ghusto Leon appears on various veils and “bee-keeper” hats and caps. 

Paisley and classic Louis Vuitton monogram patterns speckle jackets, hats, shirts and bags, blending the motifs of streetwear and formalwear as Abloh inclined.

Karakoram – the zig-zag pattern named from the mountain range that spans across Asian countries — takes form through needle-punch on satin bombers, pants and button up shirts.

With a bittersweet feeling, this collection shows Abloh’s distinct attention to detail and how important the practice of design was to the legendary fashion mogul. 

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