Carlos Alcaraz continues to amaze the world, from being the world’s youngest #1 men’s tennis player in the open era to winning the 2022 US Open at only 19 years old. Now the Spanish prodigy turned tennis phenom has stormed into the fashion world, becoming Louis Vuitton’s newest House Ambassador.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

“The truth is that I feel very proud,” shared Alcaraz. “You could even say it’s a dream for me to now be a part of the Louis Vuitton family.”

The Murcia-born player has already made his way to the top of the tennis world, becoming the #1 ATP player in 2022 at 19 years old, and has recently won two ATP 1000 titles—the hardest tournaments aside from Grand Slams—at Indian Wells and Madrid.

The French fashion house’s continued emphasis on excellence and endeavor is mirrored, if not elevated, by Alcaraz’s pivotal attention to detail and mastering the little things. As House Ambassador, Alcaraz’s future collaborations with Louis Vuitton will give audiences a view into his future as he continues to grow on and off the court.

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