Louis Vuitton presents ‘Charlie’ the Unisex and Eco-friendly Sneaker

With a sneaker meant for anyone, the Charlie was created with eco-conception

Louis Vuitton has created a new sneaker meant for anyone regardless of gender who want comfort and mobility while being eco-friendly. Available in sizes 34 to 47, 3 to 13 in US sizes, the Charlie comes in a low and high-top sneaker styles and features 90% recycled and bio-sourced materials.


In an all white sneaker with the LV logo in black as well as black accents added on the back and tongue of the shoe, these sneakers are versatile and stylish.

The Charlie’s sole, which accounts for 50% of the sneaker’s weight, is made up of at least 94% recycled rubber while remaining shock-absorbent. The upper part of the sneaker is made up of a smooth and grained synthetic material produced by recycled polyester and a layer of Biopoliolo, which is a corn-based plastic. 

The laces are entirely recycled and match the tongue patch and the back of the Charlie as well as the LV signature made up of ECONYL®, which is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable nylon made from nylon waste. The inside sole and lining are composed of recycled polyurethane and recycled polyester.

Louis Vuitton has also redesigned traditional packaging by protecting the Charlie sneaker with a felt-made TENCEL™, which are branded fibers that originated from renewable wood sourced certified by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council). The shoebox is made up of 100% recycled cardboard and becomes a bag, transportable into a handle made of TENCEL™ wood-based fibers, saving around 70% of materials. Louis Vuitton used plant-based inks and raw kraft paper for the packaging as well. 


The unisex sneakers will be available on November 12 of 2021.

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