Louis Vuitton has announced their latest curation in their many collections with renowned artist Yayoi Kusama in the form of a new book. Creating Infinity is the culmination of the true excellence Kusama and Louis Vuitton have produced together.

At first glance, the book is a collection of their work, but a closer look reveals the history of their relationship working together. The ways they’ve inspired each other, grown together, and created a beautiful, revolutionary fashion collection designed in collaboration with Kusama.

The book walks through the inspirations behind the many coveted pieces from the past few years and takes the reader on a journey through the genesis of the partnership. Overseen by Ferdinando Verderi and Isabel Venero, the book is not only a timeline but a love letter including memories from an array of people who have worked with Kasuma. Marc Jacobs, Jo-Ann Furniss, Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Mika Yoshitake are just a few of the notable figures who have come together under the namesake of the groundbreaking collections. The book itself opens with a letter from Kasuma to the reader, a personal and sentimental touch. Moreover, there is a deep dive into Kasuma’s cultural and social impacts through her art. Her cheerful yet philosophical outlook on life was an inspiration to many, made clear in the sheer number of artists who contributed to the book to talk about it.

Creating Infinity will be released online at louisvuitton.com and in-store on September 29th.

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