Louis Vuitton Reveals New Version of Tambour Watch

Louis Vuitton is bringing new additions to its watch collection.

Louis Vuitton is set to release a sleek new version of the Tambour watch following its 20th anniversary earlier this year.

The Tambour watch has seen various versions made of it since it launched the iconic fashion house into the watchmaking world in 2002. But, following this year’s huge milestone, Louis Vuitton is releasing a new shape called the Tambour Slim Monogram Dentelle watch.

The new shape will launch in October of this year. The luxury accessory will be enlightened by a diamond-set bezel and come in two sizes, 28 and 33 mm.


It is equipped with a quartz movement and the innovative Louis Vuitton-patented system of interchangeable straps. Meaning it is possible to infinitely customize the watch by choosing from a selection of over one hundred different designs, including chic black alligator, bright colors, or even one with their famous monogram.

This new iteration of the Tambour watch celebrates the Monogram Flowers, created in 1896 by Georges Louis Vuitton.

Those iconic flowers will sit elegantly on the watch face with diamonds encrusted into their shape, all while surrounding the classic LV monogram in the center of the watch face.

Where the LV monogram sits is where the hour and minute hands stem from; however, on this watch, there is no seconds hand.

The watch face will also come in two colors, one a shiny black and the other an ivory white. Both colorways enhance the shine of the diamonds and compliment the silver and stainless steel that surrounds them.

In addition to the glitz and glam of the luxury watch, it also has some highly functional features. Like, being water resistant up to 50 meters. However, with the price tag of a Tambour, it might not be worth it to try to test that feature out. But, it might come in handy when you least expect it.

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