Louis Vuitton Strums a New Tune

Louis Vuitton picks a new collaboration featuring Gibson and guitars.

In tune with the re-opening of their Nashville store, Louis Vuitton launched a collaboration with Gibson. Two custom guitars honor the revamped brick and mortar store at The Mall in Green Hills.

The limited-edition 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitars are yet another display of the undeniable artisanship of both Houses. Customized mother of pearl fretboard inlays features the Louis Vuitton LV logo on the first fret. One of Louis Vuitton’s many talented artisans finds a rhythm, hand painting artwork on the exclusive guitars. The first guitar is monogrammed to perfection with the well-known Louis Vuitton logo. The other is embellished with the brand’s well established graphic, ‘V’.

The re-imaged Louis Vuitton Nashville store is in cadence with the House’s immersive layouts around the world. The atelier’s rich history is referenced through architectural elements, yet is still to the beat of Nashville’s local culture. The spacious store leaves room for a live performance space titled the ‘Music Truck’, which was fabricated in the image of Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunk — a one-of-a-kind store feature. The artwork is supplied by local, Miranda Herrick and accessorized with furniture from Masaya, a sustainably sourced company based in Nashville. The space is complete with modern wood pieces and offers guests an exclusive shopping experience reminiscent of Nashville’s colorful, cultural, and musical scene.

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