Louis Vuitton is revamping the Tambour watch 20 years after its creation. First debuted in 2002, the Tambour changed the waLouis Vuitton Unveils Newest Iteration Of ‘Tambour’ Watchch game with Louis Vuitton distinguishing it from watch competitors. This new version differentiates itself from its predecessor with its much slimmer form and fluid lines. Meant for everyday wear, the simple and casual design of the watch only elevates its sophistication.

In a press statement about this new era, watch director Jean Arnault shared, “With this launch, we seek to open a new chapter in the history of the maison’s watchmaking by creating a watch with strong horological credentials while identifiably Louis Vuitton in style.”

The Maison created two different versions of the watch, one with a tone-on-tone model with a silver-grey dial and the other with a contrasting deep blue dial. To add to the surprise, the French luxury brand also added an integrated bracelet along with an automatic movement feature.

The Tambour watch is set to launch in September 2023.

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