Louis Vuitton X Jonas Wood Collaboration Showcased in Soho Pop Up

Louis Vuitton X Jonas Wood’s collaboration is stunning and being held at the Soho Pop Up in New York.

Louis Vuitton has launched a brand new textile collection, collaborating with artist Jonas Wood for Fall/Winter 2019. The collection launched exclusively on September 6 at the Louis Vuitton Soho Pop Up, with a special installation that is open to the public until mid-November. 

Jonas Wood is a contemporary artist, with a talent for “graffiti-like hand lettering,” and bold graphic works. Born in Boston, after art school he soon relocated to Los Angeles where he has been praised for his exhibitions and beautifully composed works. Louis Vuitton has incorporated Wood’s “elegant aesthetic” to their signature collection, which includes eleven pieces. 

Made up of silk and wool shawls, silk carrés, and cotton stoles, the LV monogram is combined with Wood’s own emblems, which consist of: an orange basketball, a yellow flower and a black and white pot. Each design is flared with bright, vibrant colors and an exploration of ranges. 

The Soho pop-up is aesthetically fabulous, with floor to ceiling L.Vuitton patterns, surrounded by eccentric blues and light pink hues. 

Woods has taken this blank canvas and created a concept that is visually stunning. This is a collaboration for the books. 

The collection will be available in stores worldwide starting September 12.

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