Los Angeles-based artists Love Bailey and Larry Tee have teamed up to create a provocative new musical project that delves into the worlds of online dating, sexting, phone sex, and even sex work titled “DON’T CALL ME!”.

Known for their edgy and bold styles, Love, a club superstar, model, and actress, and Tee, a DJ who has worked with the likes of RuPaul, Afrojack, and Steve Aoki, have combined their talents to produce a track that promises to push boundaries. Below, the two got together to discuss the meaning behind the music video, Los Angeles becoming the epicenter for Trans culture, and what Love Bailey has in store for the future.

Larry Tee: Hey Love Bailey! Let’s play the five-question game. 

Love Bailey: Ok, Shoot.

LT: What’s this crazy video about?

LB: It’s about phone sex, online dating, teasing, sexting, and not wanting to accept live calls. Who calls you directly without sending a text first, these days? That’s so Gen X. This video is also a chance to live out my wildest film noire fantasies and give tribute to my spiritual mother, Amanda LePore by painting my body in pink lipstick. 

LT: That is so startling, you running around the Los Angeles street in nothing but hot pink lipstick. It’s not something you can’t un-see. Do you think the world is ready for the trans force of nature that Angenlinos know as Love Bailey? 

LB: How could they resist? Let’s face it. Trans performers are the new gangster rappers; they are practically illegal in like 20 states. Anyone that knows a doll personally, knows that they are inevitably going to take over the world. They are nothing to be afraid of. I’m just here to bring you the news. 

LT: Why is Hollywood and Los Angeles in general considered the spiritual home of trans culture these days? Would you consider it that?

LB: I think trans culture is everywhere and exploding, but LA does have its advantages. Trans girls are safer here than in most places. I actually have a crew of girls that go in a rat pack to modeling shoots, nightclubs, and fashion events called the Hollywood Dolls.

Love Bailey | Stills from “DON’T CALL ME!”

LT: Now we’re talking. Tell me more about the Hollywood Dolls! 

LB: I can’t, as it’s a bigger project than in development. If I did, I’d have to kill you. But if you ever get a chance to witness the Dolls in person, don’t pass it up. 

LT: What else do you have up your glamorously bejeweled sleeve these days? 

LB: Lots of TV, more revolutionary music, transgressive art, fashion, culture. Basically everything. It’s the moment for me and the trans girls to wake everyone up to the valuable contribution trans girls have already made to civil/gay rights, the gender discussion, and all of the arts. The dolls are even some of the most noteworthy fashion models on the runway these days. I’ll say it. Trans girls are the moment—it’s showtime, baby! 

Director Love Bailey

Music Produced by Larry Tee @larrytee_tzuji

Written by Love Bailey & Larry Tee Goddess

Vocals Wowashwow (@wowashwow)

Mixed by Tyler Stone (@tylerstonedidthat)

FX designer: Jordi Tinena (@j.tinena)

Photographer: Justin Ayers (@justinnayers)

BTS Photographer: Andy Myers (@andy.myers)

Lighting: Willa Cutolo (@willa.camera)

Wardrobe Stylist Melvin Sanders (@melvinstyles) 

Makeup: Beau (@beaucockrell)

Hair: Mikel Mitchell (@fantasies.only) 

Hair: Nathan Unce @nathanunce

Producer: Emme Lena 

On set help Venus Velour (@secondplanetfromthesun), 

Drone Footage: Mariano Rubin De Celis (@marianorubindecelis)

Blue Room Sexy Cowboy: Georgiy Surovtsev @omgeorgiy

Pink Room Sexy Cowboy: @morgxnthicke

Horse wrangler: Lee Dawn Hershey @leedawnhershey

Phone art prop by Ari Bliss Bird ​​@ariibiird

Dancers: Mariano Rubin De Celis, JeanPaul Acocella @jeanpaul.acocella

Bell Hop: Max Larson @maxlarsen

Wardrobe provided by the Last Follies Closet (@thelastfolliescloset) Michael Shmidt (@michaelschmidtstudios), Bcalla (@bcallabcalla), Betsey Johnson (@betseyjohnson)

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