LOVERBOY by Charles Jeffrey Begins Pandemic Healing with Spring/Summer ’21 Collection

With loud patterns and daring colors, LOVERBOY presents a triumph over quarantine and isolation with a new collection and bespoke soundscape.

In an amorphous, surreal, joyous reconnection, human bodies are juxtaposed with time: how it is in our nature to shift our mood with the days, how it is not in our nature to be withdrawn, how we embrace and ebb and flow. 

The LOVERBOY by Charles Jeffrey studio encapsulates the charting of external coordinates to form maps between people across distances in The Healing, a new project featuring the Spring/Summer 2021 clothing collection and soundscape by Malthus.

The collection warps our sense of reality, combining new and old, from the early days of the global pandemic to the reemerging and coming together again. Nature’s warning signs dot the fabrics—references to poison dart frogs, orb spiders, poison plants and nettles’ stings evoke danger, our natural instinct to shy away from that which could hurt us. Yet LOVERBOY’s unmatchable, combative silhouettes communicating the rupture of 2020 simultaneously draw us in with their interesting shapes, eye-catching colors and patterns.

In the narrative, acceptance is reached at the peak. The story, finally, has changed; it blossoms and blooms where it once burnt and decayed. Where the collection began in a root of pain and isolation, it ends in a renewed glory of reconnection, chronicling the reconciliation of humans in collaboration with Tim Walker.

The power of color is central to the collection, as Charles Jeffrey and Tim Walker looked to the time-old practice of chromotherapy as a backdrop to The Healing. Colors are tapered to bodies, and bodies are tapered to harmonious joy. Standout pieces of the collection are loud, demanding attention in the face of isolation, daring you to not be alone anymore; a yellow polka-dotted dress with full sleeves, a cropped multicolored jacket epitomizing “fun,” and achingly defiant knitwear tangling colors in and around each other. 

LOVERBOY approaches the human body with mindful and intimate consideration, bringing personality and comfort. The collection is made to “just feel good,” according to Jeffrey—and feeling good with LOVERBOY is not at the cost of looking good, as seen by sailor jackets, ultra-luxe leggings, form-flattering shapes and form-embellishing silhouettes. 

With the Spring/Summer 2021 collection and The Healing sounds, LOVERBOY by Charles Jeffrey takes us on a journey—from panic, emergency, terror and a pandemic to relief, joy, reconnection and communion. 

There is a contentment within these clothes—the mending of old wounds, the divinity of surpassing pain. Shop LOVERBOY by Charles Jeffrey on their website and experience the sound of The Healing here via a bespoke soundscape courtesy of Malthus

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