LRS Fall 2021 Collection Deconstructs to Rebuild

Designer Raul Solis was inspired by the idea of rebuilding New York City after the pandemic.

LRS founder Raul Solis was thinking about urban reinvention, with all of its challenges and possibilities. The new Fall 2021 collection feels like a response to the apocalyptic and exhausting “New York is dead” claims that have circulated since the start of the pandemic. By referencing fashions of the past – Victorian bustles and CBGB-era leather – LRS gives some historical context and reminds us that reinvention has always been a part of city life.

There are some all-black ensembles in the collection, but when bright colors are used, they appear as glimmers of hope in a concrete jungle. Sculptural elements protrude from these clothes like signs of new growth amid chaos, and the collection plays with unexpected lengths, often favoring the increasingly popular “mullet” look – short in front, long in back.

Broad shoulders and oversized jackets exude power and function as armor for the unmistakably urban wearer. Layers add texture and depth, aided by surprising pops of color and the juxtaposition of different fabrics.

Jewel-tone blazers, which flip upwards in the back, highlight the wearer’s face. To create this effect, Solis cut into the backs of the blazers, experimenting with the inventive potential of destruction.

Rock ‘n’ roll style is part of the LRS visual brand, and this collection continues that trend with leather pants and a shirt cut into a spider web. It invites nostalgia as well as aspiration for a future when rock concerts are commonplace.

Many of the looks include silver chains, a recurring motif with LRS, which add an industrial touch to softer pieces. In addition to referencing themes from the brand’s past, Solis repurposed satin from the last season in order to lower costs and create more sustainable luxury clothing for today’s consumers.

With this latest collection, LRS demonstrates an impressive ability to adapt. Building on their signature aesthetic, the brand presents a thoughtful reimagining of urban life, with Solis as its architect.

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