Luar’s FW19 Is For The Werking Girl

Luar’s NYFW show is a beautiful ode to 2000s commercialism.

Luar’s designer, Raul Lopez, answered the question that many people ask but haven’t received a definite answer on yet: Are the 2000’s back? And if so, are they bringing low-rise pants with them? The answer to both of those, is yes, Lopez concluded with his recent NYFW /r ə ‘dem(p)SH(ə)n/

Inspired by a time of capitalist lure, mini skirts, short bangs, Paris Hilton and MySpace, Luar expressed his admiration of the diamanté crowded era through fur trim, asymmetric skort-trouser combinations, baggy tee’s, tank tops and ‘Luar’-embroidered cropped hair.

The 2000s, as lux worthy as they were, differ from this collection in terms of progressiveness, however. The gender neutral clothing and ethos, something that the era significantly lacked, shows that some moments in history are best celebrated after the fact. Luar’s dismantled suits, loose skirts and dresses are worn by both genders, setting a positive strive to a time where clothing and gender isn’t as apparent or rigid in terms of what one can and can’t wear. Furthermore, notable blues in this collection are a symbol of a time way before the 2000s, “when all classes, sexes and creeds mixed.”

Aside from hair accessories, Luar didn’t forget the often overloaded accessory status that came with an iconic 2000s look. Large hoop earrings matched metal chained handbag straps; bedazzled sunglasses purposely clashed with fur gloves; zips and midriffs were exposed. Luar will be holding a showcase Americans In Paris with CFDA and Vogue Fashion Fund on March 2nd through 4th at 63 Rue Pierre Charron, 8th Arr, Paris.



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