Lucy Liu Paints Erotic Art?

“Lucy Liu being a painter and making lesbian art is keeping me up at night”

Yes, you read that right. In the latest of viral celebrity moments, it was uncovered by Twitter that actor Lucy Liu is also a visual artist who paints depictions of lesbian art, among other things. “Lucy Liu being a painter and making erotic art is keeping me up at night” wrote a Twitter user.

But that isn’t all she works in. In fact, Liu’s interest in art began around 15 years-old and she has since dabbled in various mediums including ink drawings, silkscreens, paintings and collages. “Because we were an immigrant family and I am first-generation, I always had this imbalance of belonging,” Liu told Artsy in an interview. “I think at first it was the language barrier, not speaking English, but then it started becoming about how I look. I think that art helps evaluate some of the psychology of yourself as a child, and to illuminate some things you may never have understood.” We hold Liu’s characters close to our hearts, with iconic roles in Charlie’s Angles, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, and Elementary. Yet her talent has strangely gone unspoken about as her work has been shown publicly and privately since 1993.

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In January, Liu had her first museum exhibition titled ‘Unhomed Belongings’ at the National Museum of Singapore. The exhibition examined racial identity as a first generation American. Though it’s rare and quite costly to get your hands on one of her pieces (we want 12 of them), Liu’s work is presently breaking the internet bridging her notoriety beyond award-winning actress and director, to acclaimed artist.

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