Ludovic de Saint Sernin AW21 Collection

The new collection reminds us of night’s out in video ‘Do You Remember?’

In a video entitled ‘Do You Remember?,’ Ludovic de Saint Sernin plays with memories before the pandemic while displaying his new collection. It begins with a young man waking up wearing a light blue tank top and short necklace and texting someone that he’s like to see them. Getting up to take a look in the mirror, he hears the doorbell ring. The next shot shows him opening the door to a man, wearing a black leather jacket, yellow tank top and pants, and a blue scarf, and a woman, wearing silver crystal choker, black and silver plaid dress, and a long yellow jacket.

After changing into a plaid black and silver crystal halter top, the three sit down for some drinks and begin dancing to ‘Cameltoe Shop’ by Only Fire, with a Siri-like voice saying things like “at the party I get all the hoes pressed,” reminiscent of getting ready for a night out. The group poses in front of a mirror taking pictures until it shoots back to the man in front of the mirror hearing the doorbell.

The collection and accompanying video bring back memories of good times before the pandemic but with crystal dresses and chokers and flashy coats, halter tops, and colorful pants. By playing with memory, Ludovic de Saint Sernin brings the meaning clothing can carry, the friends it can remind us of, and of nights out we are all missing.

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