LUISAVIAROMA Lands In Senegal With Photo Project

The country is the latest stop in the brand’s “My Earth Is Beating” project with LVRSustainable and Extreme E.

Following up on the trip that started in April with a visit to the sands of Saudi Arabia, LUISAVIAROMA has now arrived in Senegal with the photojournalistic project “MY EARTH IS BEATING #myEIB.” Until May 31, National Geographic contributors Luca Locatelli and Gabriele Galimberti, along with journalist Raffaele Panizza, will photograph and document landscapes in the country, highlighting the environmental impact those areas have suffered.

The team is currently between the regions of Sine Saloum and Dakar, and is working in partnership with local NGOs Oceanium and Ecozone and to document phenomena such as deforestation, especially of mangroves, and plastic pollution in the coastal waters. 

Their journey in Senegal started in the salt marshes of Palmarin, an area where they are working on replanting mangroves – salt-tolerant trees that capture CO2 up to three times more than tropical forests, in addition to helping stop coastal erosion and giving shelter to animal species in a diverse ecosystem, which also helps the local female-lead economy.   

This part of the project will also focus on issues caused by uncontrolled fishing, aquaculture solutions, and the risk many communities face of disappearing because of increasingly rising sea levels. 

“MY EARTH IS BEATING #myEIB” follows Extreme E, the first racing circuit of electric SUVs, which visits areas of the world of high environmental – and, consequently, climatic and humanitarian – risk. Upcoming destinations are Kangerlussuaq, Greenland on August 28-29, Pará, Brazil on October 23-24, and Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina, on December 11-12.

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