Luxury Streetwear Brand “NING” Makes Debut

Designer Ning Yuan debuts luxury streetwear brand rich with culture and style.

Luxury Streetwear Label NING launched this week, founded by Ning Yuan, in celebration of her Chinese culture and heritage. Inspired by the aesthetics of Chinese youth culture, NING brings forth native voices to the luxury streetwear sphere. 

From silk shirts and shorts, hoodies, jackets and t-shirts, NING portrays traditional Chinese iconography and embellishments set amongst well-loved streetwear silhouettes, all designed in-house.

Whether you want to keep it casual yet cool with a graphic tee made of heavyweight Italian jersey with the NING logo, or a premium loopback jersey hoodie with a “Chang the Giant’ motif embossed across the front, NING’s stellar designs have got you covered. 

Arguably the most stunning from the collection are the traditional silk shirts and shorts, which celebrate traditional Chinese craft with Beijing-based silk producer Huang Jin. Ning grew up hearing stories from her mother about the history of fine silk manufacturers creating elaborate pieces for emperors and dreamt of creating a collection to pay homage and celebrate that heritage within her culture. Completely grown, spun and assembled in China, these silk pieces represent the combination of skilled craftsmanship and rich centuries upon centuries of Chinese history. 

Various bomber and satin jackets in quilted gold material or intricate cloud detailing also make up part of the collection, offering a refreshing array of options within NING’s debut, showing the versatility NING’s collection offers. 

Born in Guangzhou, China, Yuan found inspiration early on with the style and hustle behind rap music, inspiring her further to move to various places across the world where she observed the expansion and rise of streetwear, submerging herself in the subculture.

NING’s logo is not only one to remember, but the story behind the brand and rich culture as well only makes the new streetwear brand even more striking, having a debut launch sure to be as phenomenal as their products.

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