LVMH Pivots from Fashion to Food Groups

Keep up with what’s cooking at LVMH.

Renowned jewelry brand, Tiffany and Co. announced the opening of Blue Box Cafe in London’s luxury department store, Harrod’s, in addition to their existing New York Fifth Avenue location. But that’s not all…

It’s safe to say we flipped like a sunny-side-up egg when Louis Vuitton announced they were opening not one, but two Japanese eateries. Don’t be fooled though, like anything LVMH, Le Cafe V, will be stamped with the seal of ultimate luxury as its fashion counterpart. According to WWD, the cafe is in their Osaka flagship store, and diners will sit like royalty atop the four-level maison while indulging a curated menu by acclaimed Japanese chef Yosuke Suga. 

On the other hand, Sugalabo V, the restaurant, also under the guidance of Suga, aims to be more of an exclusive experience. Contrary to the cafe, Sugalabo V will be a hidden gem behind a speakeasy door, and only a small number of diners will be able to enjoy the open kitchen and 30,000 JPY (approximately $275 USD) cuisine.  

It looks like this isn’t the last you’ll see of LVMH brands experimenting in hospitality. While Michael Burke, chairman and chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton, confirmed the news, he also allegedly suggested there will be more exquisite excursions to come. 


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