Madison Beer and Surf Mesa Drop Music Video for “Carried Away”

A celebration of being in love, “Carried Away” is a feat of romance and relationships by Beer and Surf Mesa, with sweet visuals to go with it.

In a sweet, saccharine video dripping with adoration and heartfelt declarations, Madison Beer and Surf Mesa have dropped the music video for “Carried Away.” 


Directed by Loris Russier, the music video is a grainy, warm-toned series of clips reminiscent of crushes, sentimentality, hopeless romanticism and falling in love—being dizzy with the feeling of it, dancing under a moonlit sky, lounging around together at home and enjoying the thrill of each other’s company. 


Beer’s soft, crystal clear vocals are paired with Surf Mesa’s warm acoustics on the American artist’s track, and the two perform the romantic love song in the video’s happy daze. 


“Carried Away” is a tonal shift away from Beer’s usual music—typically ridden with angst, heartbreak and longing with darker, sultry visuals, this song is simple and riddled with joy, evoking the kind of profound, one-minded exuberance that comes from being young and in love. 


A soundtrack to the untempered capacity of love, Beer and Surf Mesa’s video is as heartwarmingly adorable as the song itself is. Watch “Carried Away” by Surf Mesa and Madison Beer below.

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