Madison Beer Opens Her Heart on New Track “Stained Glass”

An accompanying visualizer shows the vocalist levitating among her most honest lyrics.

Madison Beer just debuted a soul-searching new single “Stained Glass”, and it’s certainly the most authentically raw sound that the emotive vocalist has ever shared. After listening to a preview of the song on one of Beer’s Instagram Live sessions last week, fans mobilized to Epic Records’ most recent Instagram post with over 2,000 comments demanding that the song be released to the public. A melodic translation of Beer’s most vulnerable emotions, this latest track provides refreshingly honest insight on the star’s mental psyche in ways in which she hasn’t expressed to the public before. 

“I wrote Stained Glass at a time where I was really struggling mentally,” the pop vocalist explains.“This song was my message, not only to the public, but to those around me, to be more gentle on people and not judge them so hard, because you never know what someone’s been through. People sometimes assume that I’m ok, when I’m not; people don’t really see the parts of me that are the ugly, sad or depressed, they only see the sides they want to see, or the sides I feel comfortable to show because of the scrutiny that I’ve been under in my life.” She continued, “The stones lyric in the chorus refer to the traditional metaphor for people’s words and the lyric saying ‘I just might break’ is where I have finally shown my vulnerability in its absolute form.”

Accompanying the song’s release is a mesmerizing visualizer where Beer levitates in a half-robotic form while her words echo around her digitized recreation. “Stained Glass” precedes the release of Beer’s upcoming debut album later this year, and based on the content of this track, her soon-to-be-released album will surely pay homage to her years of growth in the spotlight with an entirely new depth of clarity. 

Listen to Madison Beer’s “Stained Glass”, below.

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