Maggie Rogers Celebrates Sex in New Single “Want Want”

Rogers tells V exclusively about the inspiration behind the booming anthem.

Maggie Rogers is making her grand reentrance back into the music world. After releasing her first single in two years, “That’s Where I Am,” back in April, Rogers is following up the synth pop track with “Want Want,” a sexy new single about – you guessed it – sex.

“The song’s about sex. No other real way to say it,” Rogers told V exclusively. “It’s a song about wanting to have sex with someone and then doing it. And enjoying it. And doing it again.” The Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, who also just graduated from Harvard Divinity School last week, worked with Kid Harpoon and Del Water Gap to produce the song, which was recorded in three separate studios around the world, from New York City to Bath, England.  

“Want Want” is a booming track, backed by a groovy drumline and Rogers’ own powerful vocals. The accompanying video, filmed at a karaoke bar in NYC’s Koreatown and directed by Warren Fu, finds Rogers going all-out preforming the song and expressing her sexuality in front of a growing crowd.

“It’s also about a sense of sex that can be just for yourself, and no one else. The power of prioritizing pleasure, sensuality,” Rogers explains. “A way of being in relationship with the world that is about full-bodied experience.”  

Rogers in the “Want Want” video.

Fans of Rogers have been eagerly anticipating “Want Want” since she first performed the song during her Coachella set in mid-April. The track comes off of her upcoming album, Surrender, which is set to be released July 29. 

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