Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Newest Scent is a Love Letter to City Life

724 Eau de Parfum is a Metropolitan-lover’s olfactory dream

From skyscraper to busy street, the essence of a big city is forever unmatched. The energy, the noise, the people—Nothing compares to the rush of strolling down NYC’s Fifth Avenue or cruising Melrose in LA, and Francis Kurkdjian isn’t one to argue. Born in Paris, the luxury perfumer has travelled the world, from Shanghai and Seoul to Moscow and Mumbai. Inspired by never-ending days and their addictive urban hum, Kurkdjian creates an ode to city living with Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s newest offering. Introducing 724, a fragrance with the magnetism of a truly vast metropolis, with the harmonious notes of all it attracts.

As expected, not one detail of 724 has been left untouched. It’s color, coined “urban blue” by its creator, embodies the cement grey hue of urban buildings balanced against the blue-jean denim that traverses the streets day in, and day out. Reflections of both modern architecture and the people who live among it, the scent is a visual and olfactory metaphor for this most exhilarating way of life.

“There is something about big cities that sweeps over you, electrifies you, elevates you,” says Francis Kurkdjian. “I translated that communicative energy, that life pulsating in unison, into a musky, floral, urban fragrance that I named 724, for 24 hours of scented living, seven days a week”. Made from jasmine absolute from Egypt, orange with sweet pea, and a sandalwood finish, the elegant eau de parfum is one for the people, and one for the streets.

Maison Francis Krukdjan’s 724 Eau De Parfum retails at $275 for 2.3 oz. On September 1, it can be found at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and online.

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