Maison Valentino Celebrates Italian Creativity With Crocheted Sneakers

The sneakers are the first part of their “Mastery Tales” series

Maison Valentino is celebrating the timeless Italian craftsmanship that goes into their couture collections and items through a series of “episodes” called “Mastery Tales.” Episode 1 of the saga begins with Valentino Garavani Crochet Sneakers, macramè footwear taking the diversity of their build from head to toe.

First introduced in their Spring Summer 2021 show, the Italian Maison’s signature use of crochet work in their couture gowns is what inspired the sneaker. Each shoe is handmade and created with a casual, daytime appeal in mind. They’re also marketed as “genderless” and come in colors like deep blue, red, black, and others.

The upper is shaped on a flat surface and starts with a braided collar, after which each subsequent layer is woven in. The sole, the counter, and the upper all come together through the interlacing of the crochet, which helps in creating the design. They feature a woven upper made with tubular fabric laces, combined with the VLogo Signature sole.

The appeal of the shoe lies starkly in its originality and ability to go in a completely different direction that influences both stylistic and structural changes. Each shoe comes handcrafted and the Maison promises with it a completely unique experience for each owner, a tribute to the traditional Italian artistry they set out to accomplish with “Mastery Tales.”

The shoes are currently available in stores and on the Valentino website with more to come soon.

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