Maison Valentino x Tissu Market: Refine, Re-use, Recycle, An Eco Friendly Fairy Tale

Naturally complementing the brand DNA, “Valentino Sleeping Stock,” introduces a synergetic upcycling operation with Tissu Market, introducing new tools for growth to young talent 

Hidden amid the halls of the textile archive, Maison Valentino welcomes a fairy-tale mission, an eco-friendly collaboration with Tissu Market. With a mission to reuse “Valentino’s Sleeping Stock” – from the Haute Couture and Prêt-à-porter collections, women’s and men’s – the two labels team up to implement a creative and responsible approach to implement positive environmental change. Synonymous with the house’s heritage artisan craftsmanship, the textile treasure challenges the conscious-driven approach of the Maison and its mindset of giving back with attention to the territory and identified in the Tissu Market, founded in 2010 by Franck Lellouche. An ideal partner for Valentino due to the founder Franck Lellouchehis’ experience and care for the added value that fabrics can give, his attention to responsible creativity, and his close connection to people who belong to the art world, cinema, opera, theater, and fashion schools.

“A deep, personal and shared conviction lies at the origins of this initiative: the importance of up-cycling as a driving force towards the change we aim to establish in the fashion industry. The pursuit of excellence, inclusivity and commitment through the creative process are some of the chore values that we share and will guide the next steps of this unique partnership,” shared Frank Lellouche, Founder Tissu Market



Previously partners in September 2021, Valentino and Tissu Market emphasize the natural operation for a Maison that has long been committed to restoring beauty and value to the community to which it belongs. The ultimate goal, with this as with all the other activities that Maison Valentino has promoted and embraced, is to make a difference, carrying forward the values and the brand heritage while building, one step at a time, a new path of continuous evolution also in the search for alternative solutions to generate a positive change, giving life to creativity and reusing fabrics born for different projects in new creations and visions.

Enlivening new life in otherwise ‘sleepy’ fabric archives, the collaboration offers chiffons, taffetà, dévoré satins, crêpes de chines with floral prints, silk georgettes, and guipure lace a new life cycle. Unique fabrics, rich with fascinating stories yet to be told and still too much alive to lie unused in the archives, return as protagonists in the name of creativity and new areas of use.

So far, the two brands unfurled about 22,000 meters of Haute Couture and Prêt-à-porter fabrics, avoiding the emission of about 265t of CO2e that would have been generated for the production of new materials, correspondent to the removal of CO2e performed by 5 hectares of forest in one year. Furthermore, thanks to this synergy, a saving deriving from the absence of production of new fabrics of approximately 1.105.645 m3 of water has been estimated, equal to the volume of 442 Olympic swimming pools. In terms of virtuous regeneration, which is a unique feature of the Maison’s giving-back approach, the proceeds from the sales of the fabrics to Tissu Market will be entirely donated to Valentino’s Bottega dell’Arte, a six-month training program born in 2015 with the aim of training professionals for the Atelier and transmitting the Maison’s sartorial savoir-faire to future generations, becoming multipliers and promoters of knowledge that is unique in the world.

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