Makeup Bloggers Guide to the Perfect New Year’s Looks

Makeup Bloggers Guide to the Perfect New Year’s Looks

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Makeup Bloggers Guide to the Perfect New Year’s Looks

Some of our favorite 2020 holiday tutorials.

Some of our favorite 2020 holiday tutorials.

Text: Luana Harumi

This holiday season looks different but it doesn’t mean you can’t welcome the year ahead rocking a glamorous look. And thankfully, we can count on plenty of talented makeup artists across the Web for inspiration. Perhaps you want a fierce eyeshadow-focused look or bring more attention to your lips – from the extravagant to the more delicate, there’s something for everyone. Check out some of our favorite makeup tutorials to try on this New Year’s Eve.

Bring up the heat

For this look, Sagonia Lazarof used reddish eyeshadow tones with a touch of gold at the center. Complete with a natural rosy matte lipstick for an elegant, warm look. 

Queen of winter

Katie Jane Hughes created a stunning winter-inspired look that is also perfect for NYE, with a shimmery “frosted” blend for the eyes and matte plum lips. 

Fierce green wings

This look by Sonjdra Deluxe is all about the eyes, combining razor-sharp winged eyeliner with glamorous green glitter eyeshadow. For the lips, a glossy nude finish. 

Delicate champagne eyes

Pony Syndrome/ Pony Park - 

Champagne is *the* NYE staple and also served as inspiration for this look by PONY Syndrome’s Pony Park. She created a delicate rosy look with just a bit of gold on the waterline. 

Glossy mahogany lips

Karen Sarahi Gonzalez, best known as iluvsarahii, also sported rosy eyes for this look – but the main focus here is her glossy dark mahogany lips, adding a fierce detail to the ensemble.

The classic red lip

Can’t go wrong with this look: Chanel Ambrose featured a smokey graphite eyeshadow paired up with the classic winged eyeliner – and completed it with a crimson lip gloss.

Violet glam

Smitha Deepak created a New Year’s look that swaps the black eyeliner for violet eyeshadow with a shimmery touch and nude lip gloss to finish. 

Euphoria vibes

The eyes are the stars of this Euphoria-inspired rhinestone look by Brianna Fox. Be warned, though: it might take a lot of patience to recreate this at home. 

Golden rockstar

Why settle for the basic winged eyeliner? Jamie Genevieve added a fun twist to the traditional golden eyeshadow, creating a glam look that is fit for a modern rockstar. 

Classic golden eyes

If you want to go classic, An Knook created this tutorial to achieve a flawless shimmery golden look for your eyes, complete with a sharp winged eyeliner.  

Credits: Cover photo by Steven Klein.


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