Makeup Trends To Follow This Spring

Forget the “clean girl look.” 2022 is all about enhancing your natural beauty. 

We have all heard the term: the “clean girl look.” The premise of it has always been toxic to me, as any trend based on stereotypical beauty standards is, as it focuses on someone who “looks clean” and is of “good character.” Instead of falling into this psychologically-damaging trap, I’ve focused on trends that help to enhance my own features because to me, my natural appearance is the one I forever want to confidently and effortlessly embrace. 

For this spring, also embrace your natural beauty by incorporating looks that mimic your complexion. From dewy skin to shimmer lids, here are the six makeup trends to follow. 

“Glazed Donut” Skin

Glowing, no makeup-makeup skin always seems to make a comeback each year, but with every year, it seems that it gets glowy-er. Tinted moisturizers, highlighter-primer hybrids and sunscreens with a slight pearlescent hue are the must-have this season to achieve a natural glow.

Courtesy of Instagram (@adutakech)

Simple, Statement Eyeshadow

Nothing screams spring more than vibrant eyeshadow. Instead of blending different shades together, use the same one, such as the light green, for a bold, ‘90s-esque look. 

Courtesy of Instagram (@matildadjerf)

Purple Blush

When I first heard about purple blush, I was confused, fascinated and everything in-between. We are used to using bright pinks and rose tones for a pop of color, but a purple shade gives a beautiful flush to the cheeks. 

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Dark Lipliner 

We have all heard the TikTok sound that suggests using your brow liner as your lipliner. In another attempt to emulate the’90s, think of this trend as contouring your lips and use a lipstick that is nude or matches your natural lip color. Top it off with gloss to enhance your pout. 

Courtesy of Instagram (@shaymitchell)

Gold Lids

You can never go wrong with a simple gold lid. Use a light shimmer shade to create a natural look, a soft glam or even something more elevated–the opportunities are endless. 

Courtesy of Instagram (@patrickta)

Subtle Contour/Bronzer

A seamless, barely-there bronzed look is the way to go this spring/summer. A cream-based contour and/or bronzer can both sculpt the face and add a slight sun-kissed hue to the dimensions of the face.

Courtesy of Instagram (@selenagomez)
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