The Making of V: Lana Del Rey (V97)

On art imitating life

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To illustrate our V family values, we revisit some of our most scrapbook-worthy clips.

LANA DEL REY:  I felt so lucky to be doing a cover with Steven Klein, and for one of my favorite magazines. I loved the look we created, especially that dramatic double eyeliner Pamela Cochrane, the makeup artist that day, always does. I was just so excited to be in New York City. Everything was so busy; it was a really exciting time. In reading the interview with James Franco I find it really interesting that he says his life is “exactly how he wants it to be.” And also that it was crucial that life be an extension of his art. But I had sort of an opposite concept to his. I think my art is more an extension of my life. As much as I like to curate my space, my art has a lot of reality grounded in it. My version of “life as a dream” isn’t necessarily perfect, it’s just easy-going and peaceful.

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